DC Cachar launches the theme “Gaurav Cachar” in Silchar

DC Cachar launches the theme “Gaurav Cachar” in Silchar

SILCHAR: The Cachar district administration has taken up a special project under Systematic Voter Education and Electronics Participation (SVEEP) to sensitize young voters in the upcoming elections. Recently, Deputy Commissioner Cachar Keerthi Jalli IAS and Additional Deputy Commissioner Cachar l Sumit Sattawan IAS launched the theme ‘Gaurab Cachar’ and unveiled a mascot on this occasion.
The administration has already started taking steps to motivate young voters in the district to vote.

Speaking on the occasion, Deputy Commissioner Cachar Keerthi Jalli said, “Cachar district has its own rich history. The Station Commission meeting was held in 1882 and Silchar municipality was later formed from that source. There are also the last ruins of Dimasa kingdom in Cachar district. Patterns of highly advanced engineering we still see in those ruins. Keeping that history in mind, our theme this time is Gaurab Cachar. We want every youth of the district to enrich the right to democracy keeping in mind that rich history. The highest right of democracy is to elect their own representatives and they will get that opportunity in future. We want them to come forward and vote for themselves, vote for whomever they like and if they don’t like it, there is a nota option”. She added.

The cleaning workers of Silchar Municipality were also given felicitation on the occasion. In this connection, Deputy Commissioner jally said, “Last year, when everyone was confined to their homes during the difficult time of corona virus infection, these cleaners have kept the whole city clean at the risk of their own lives. Containment zones were set up in different areas and they have shown courage by clearing the garbage. We salute them and plan to put them in front to make voters aware this year”.She quipped.

Earlier,a function was organised at the Silchar Municipality office premises this morning. Various officials including the Deputy Commissioner Cachar took part in it. The ceremony started by lighting a lamp. After giving a reception to the cleaning staff, Gaurab Cachar theme was inaugurated the theme and a mascot was unveiled on the occasion.

On this day, a voter awareness skit was performed by a competent social organization. In future, they will make the voters aware through street plays in different areas of the district.